Babuk Ransomware Full Source Code Leaked On A Russia-Speaking Hacking Forum

The complete source code for the Babuk ransomware has been leaked by a threat actor on a Russian-speaking hacking forum, this week. It allows easy access to a sophisticated ransomware strain to competitors and threat actors planning to sneak into the ransomware realm with little effort. 

The full source code of Babuk ransomware posted on the hacking forum comprises all things that one would require for a functional ransomware executable. The leaked file contains "various Visual Studio Babuk ransomware projects for VMware ESXi, NAS, and Windows encryptors," as per Xiarch Security. The leak has been confirmed to be legitimate by various ransomware experts. Apparently, the leak also includes decryption keys for the gang's past victims. 

Babuk ransomware gang made certain changes into their operations as they announced they will longer encrypt information on networks, but will rather "get to you and take your data" they said on hacker-forum. "..we will notify you about it if you do not get in touch we make an announcement." They announced in advance that their source code will be publically available as Babuk changes direction and plans to shut down. "We will do something like open-source RaaS, everyone can make their own product based on our prouduct." They further told. 

In April, earlier this year, the Babuk group attacked Washington D.C police with a ransomware attack wherein they stole over 250 gigabytes of data from the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia (MPD). It included police reports, internal memos, and PII of confidential informants, and employees. Following the attack, the gang heavily criticized MPD for huge security gaps and threatened the law enforcement agency to publish the data if the ransom demand is not met. 

MPD acknowledged the unauthorized access on their server, and it started working with the FBI to investigate the matter. Meanwhile, the U.S. law enforcement agency reviewed the activity to determine the full impact of the attack. 

Post MPD attack, there are reports of strife within the group members of Babuk. The 'Admin' wished to leak the data stolen from the MPD attack for advertising, however, the other members were against the idea as they felt it was too much even for them (the bad guys). As a result, the group disintegrates and the initial 'Admin' went on to launch the 'Ramp' cybercrime forum while others began Babuk V2, where they continue carrying out ransomware attacks with little or no difference. After a while, the original admin accused his gang members of attempting to make his new site unusual by subjecting it to a series of DDoS attacks. 

"One of the developers for Babuk ransomware group, a 17 year old person from Russia, has been diagnosed with Stage-4 Lung Cancer. He has decided to leaked the ENTIRE Babuk source code for Windows, ESXI, NAS." A user going by the Twitter handle @vxunderground tweeted.