Russia has developed a virtual reality helmet for recruitment

Researchers from Samara State University have developed a technology to assess the psychological qualities of a job seeker using a virtual reality helmet. Such an idea will help employers assess the personality of the person when recruiting staff.

It is noted that the tested person gets into a specially created virtual environment, which he perceives as real. At this time, the computer evaluates his physical and emotional state without human assistance.

The cost of such a system, which includes a computer and a VR helmet, will be about 120 thousand rubles ($1,600). The program "Psychodiagnostics in VR" and joysticks that read the micro-movements of fingers are also included. The level of anxiety, the reaction to stress, emotional excitability, as well as the cognitive activity of a person are assessed.

Experts reacted to the initiative ambiguously. Sports psychologist Olga Tiunova noted that for many years there have been attempts to create a psychological portrait of an ideal champion, but so far they have not been crowned with success. Special forces instructor Alexander Lastovina added that "Psychodiagnostics in VR" can be used to test soldiers, but the technology should be verified for effectiveness.

Also, specialists noted that a person is something more than a set of psychological characteristics.

It is interesting to note that earlier Irish scientists recognized that computer games are useful in the fight against a number of mental illnesses: they have a beneficial effect on people with anxiety disorders and depression and may even be more useful than traditional methods of treatment. The researchers concluded that games can be used as an alternative to medical care.