Following a Ransomware Cyberattack, D-BOX Stated it is Gradually Restarting Operations


After a ransomware cyberattack on its internal information-technology systems, D-BOX Technologies Inc. says it is progressively resuming operations, with restoration work likely to be completed in the coming weeks. Production was never entirely disrupted by the cyberattack, according to the Montreal-based entertainment company, and rehabilitation of its different internal IT systems has begun. 

D-BOX creates and redefines realistic, immersive entertainment experiences by using elements such as motion, vibration, and texture to move the body and stimulate the imagination. D-BOX has partnered with some of the world's most innovative firms to provide new ways to improve amazing stories. 

The company has postponed the release of its interim financial statements and analysis for the three months ending June 30. The incident had a limited impact on internal systems, and services to studios and theatre operators were unaffected, according to the statement. The company expects a 40% increase in revenue in the first quarter, reaching roughly 3.1 million Canadian dollars ($2.5 million). It stated that its management was attempting to file the financial report as quickly as possible, but that a delay of two to four weeks was probable. 

Analysis suggests that the systems of its clients were neither hacked nor impacted during the cyberattack, according to a report by an external firm specializing in cyber incidents. As a result of the incident, D-BOX does not expect any security patches to its services or software updates to be necessary for its partners. In addition, as a precaution, the company has provided all of its employees and directors a 12-month subscription to Equifax's identity theft and fraud protection service. 

“Security is a top priority and D-BOX is committed to continuing to take all appropriate measures to ensure the highest integrity of all our systems,” said Sebastien Mailhot, President, and CEO of D-BOX. “I’m proud of the efforts of our IT team and external advisors, as they mitigated the attack and accomplished an enormous amount of work in order to resume activities. D-BOX is committed to continuing to communicate directly with all of its clients and partners, whom we thank for their patience as we resolve this situation. The Corporation believes that the financial impact of this cyberattack on the results should be negligible.”