The Russian State Duma introduced a bill aimed at combating online pirates

A bill aimed at combating online piracy has been submitted to the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The document will allow copyright holders to independently enter links to sites with illegal content in a special register, after which these links will have to be removed from the search results on the Internet within six hours. Currently, this practice applies only to those companies that have signed the Anti-Piracy Memorandum.

"The fight against the spread of pirated content is extremely complex and requires the efforts of both the state, its supervisory and regulatory bodies, IT specialists, and the entire community of Internet users in general," said Andrey Trofimov, chairman of the Crimean Union of Journalists.

He added that it is necessary to fight not with ordinary users, but with distributors of pirated content, illegal file-sharing sites, and online cinemas.

Illegal online resources offering to watch any movie “for free” and “without registration” often contain malicious code.

Today, the level of viruses and targeted hacker attacks is extremely developed. Previously, in order to hack and penetrate, attackers offered the user something to download and install on a PC. Now it is enough, for example, to simply open the letter. This will trigger the launch of a program that encrypts data on your computer.

The Anti-Piracy memorandum has been in force in the country since 2018. The document was signed by the largest Russian Internet companies, including Rambler Group, Group and Yandex, as well as the copyright holders. According to the document, copyright holders submit links with pirated movies and TV series for consideration, and Internet sites remove them from search results. At the moment, its validity period is extended until August 1, 2021.

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