$6.6 Million Raised by Bit Discovery Sell Attack Surface Management Tool


The Bit Discovery of Jeremiah Grossman has financed a further $4 million of capital investment to compete with the cluttered attack surface management space. 

Mighty Capital with return investor Aligned Partners led the Series B funding round to provide financing, with smaller investments from renowned security professionals like former head of Facebook security - Alex Stamos and Black Hat, including d Jeff Moss, founder of the DEF CON. 

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, United States, Mighty Capital is a VC company that delivers unique access to 300,000 PMs and a playbook to its portfolio firms to make them clients. 

Whereas, Aligned Partners is a venturing capital enterprise, providing its portfolio firms with venture capital skills and allowing entrepreneurs to grow smoothly and efficiently. 

Bit Discovery has generated a total of $6.6 million to design and sell an attack-surface management solution to support security programs. 

Attack Surface Management (ASM) solutions give foreign attackers a view to the attack surface of a company – they detect and monitor targets, services, IPs, areas, networks, hostnames, and others when they target the business. Attack Surface Management is a relatively new category for the management of vulnerabilities and the control of point-in-time penetration tests. It has become a very competitive category, with several companies challenging its market share. 

Bishop Fox, Intrigue, Randori, and CyCognito are well-funded participants in the area of attack surface management. 

Bit Discovery’s Grossman is a cybersecurity pioneer, who previously co-founded WhiteHat Security, described his company’s technology as “essential to vulnerability management, identifying areas of unknown risk, M&A processes, and IoT device identification.” 

“Fundamentally we don’t want to see any more companies breached simply because they don’t know what they own – especially not now when an answer exists,” Grossman further added. 

The Bit Discovery tool continuously automates the search of connected web assets to identify security challenges, so that security professionals are alerted in real-time whenever a portfolio changes.