Tokyo Gas Discloses Data Breach Impacting Anime-style Dating Simulation Game


Recently a cyber attack has been reported by Tokyo Gas, the game’s developer and also known as a Japanese utility giant; the company said that around 10,000 email addresses belonging to players of an online animated style game were exposed during a data breach. 

Following the incident, the company has published a security alert post on January 30, whereby it stated that at present they have disabled the animated game's website  (popularly known as dating simulation game) and mobile app after it came to their notice that a third party has gained unauthorized control in the system and to the emails credentials and associated players’ nicknames. 

The translated name of the game is ‘Furo Koi: My Only Bath Butler’, the parent company of this application described it as a ‘romance game'. It is based on the Japanese role-playing genre, wherein users build relationships with the other users, mainly through conversations on the app. 

In response to the attack, the Japanese-language security alert has indicated that the game also appears as accessing the comparative effectiveness of various bathing products, whilst a video has been posted on the game’s Twitter account which shows various anime avatars. 

Tokyo Gas has been founded in 1885 in Japan and is Japan’s largest natural gas provider giant. According to the data about 10,365 emails credential has been exposed when the attack unfolded on January 29. 

In a press gathering, a spokesperson from the company said that the breach was discovered the following day, on January 30. However, currently, the company is not sure whether the stolen data has been misused or is safe. 

In the security alert, the company displayed a reference to the addition of a new feature to the game on January 28, but at present, it is unclear what, if any, connection this has to the data breach. 

It also indicated that all measures regarding the attack have been taken. Furthermore, law enforcement will be implementing security measures based on the findings of a security audit. 

The Tokyo Gas spokesperson said: “We recognize that the protection of customer information is extremely important. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers”.