Rasmus Myhrberg Won The Award For #1 "New Tool of the Year"!


Simple, a time tracking software wins #1 New Tool of the Year (2020). Major tech website "Stackshare" recently announced its winners in the 7th Annual Stackshare Awards and independent creator Rasmus Myhrberg won the award for #1 "New Tool of the Year"! The year 2020 was full of surprises and innovations. Covid-19 pandemic, followed by lockdown across the world compelled users to work from home. It meant that "remote tools" were trending in 2020.  

Stackshare says, "We saw a massive uptick in traffic to Stackups (comparisons) for Zoom, Google Meet, Discord, and tons of other tools that people were researching to make working from home easier. Yet amidst all of this, 2020 may actually go down as the year of the freelancer, thanks to Simple's creator Rasmus Myhrberg, a Swedish designer and founder." 

"Fortunately, software developers and engineers all over the world were able to not only keep working during the lockdown but many ended up working even more. With everyone working outside of the office, it probably shouldn't be a big surprise that a tool to make sure you keep track of your work time is number one. Simple is exactly what it sounds like: a dead-simple way to track tasks and how long you're spending on them. Simple syncs in real-time across your devices: mobile, desktop, and tablet." 

About the Company 

Simple was founded by Swedish designer Rasmus Myhrberg. Simple is an app built with a great passion for user experience and customer satisfaction. Mr. Rasmus had worked as a freelancer for many years but couldn't find a good time tracking application, which is a must for freelancers, he struggled with managing his tasks and time. The time trackers that he used were complicated and he was in need of something simpler and yet effective. Simple was founded to fulfill all these needs and now it is used by many freelancers on a daily basis. According to Rasmus, Simple is more than a time tracker software, and with its easy technology, there is a better future to look forward to. He believes in a future where "revenue isn't the main priority, but simplicity and experience is." 

In a conversation with E-Hacking news, Ramus said "Winning the award as an independent creator is a huge achievement. This has never been done before, as far as I’m aware. Other tools in the list have been developed by companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Netflix, to name a few." He further adds, "another particular thing is the big difference in score. Simple had more than double the score of #2 and ten times more than Google Tables on #16. In previous years it has been much more even. Since everyone went into lockdown due to COVID-19, launching Simple this year was perfect timing and one of the factors to its success."