Senior Citizens, the Victims of Airline Ticket Fraud


Think you've discovered a truly incredible deal when you see a last-minute aircraft ticket accessible simply for a small amount of the typical cost? Be cautious before you purchase, or you could end up with no ticket and losing your cash to crooks.

Crooks utilize falsely accessed, compromised, or hacked credit card details to purchase air tickets. They offer these tickets for sale at haggled costs through misleading sites that appear to be legitimate or social networking accounts that give off an impression of being for real travel services or agents. 

The criminal 'travel agents' request prompt installment, regularly with money, bank move, or virtual monetary currencies. After getting your installment, the criminal sends you the flight booking affirmation with their original purchase details erased. At times you will get multiple OTPs on your telephone, and on the off chance that you give the OTP to that phony agent, abundant measures of cash will be siphoned from your account. 

Kumar (name changed), a senior citizen, said in his police objection that he was attempting to book a flight ticket to Thiruvananthapuram via a mobile application. Despite the fact that he had wrapped up making the installment, he got an instant message saying that the fund transfer has not gone through. He later learned that a whopping total of Rs. 7 lakh had been siphoned from his account,  thereupon Kumar called the ticket booking firm's customer care number, they revealed to him that they couldn't restore the sum because of some technical glitch and requested Kumar to give details of a different bank account. At the moment, Kumar got a few OTPs of bank exchanges that occurred without his knowledge. 

Another case has come to light where a senior resident lost Rs 1 lakh in online fraud. A Delhi-based senior resident had booked an Air India ticket and wished to cancel it. He attempted to cancel the ticket on the web and couldn't succeed due to some error. The report that highlighted the incident, further added that when the elderly person reached the customer care number, he was given a different mobile number by the executive. When he called on that mobile number, the individual on the opposite side of the telephone figured out how to get his financial balance and Debit card details. During that time, he got three to four OTPs on his mobile which he shared with the individual. When the senior citizen disconnected the call, he received a message that Rs 1 lakh was debited from his account. 

It is assessed that the aircraft business misfortunes have arrived at near USD 1 billion every year, due to the deceitful online acquisition of flight tickets. These online exchanges are exceptionally lucrative for organized crime and are continually linked to even grave crimes including immigration, trafficking in human beings, drug sneaking, and terrorism.