All You Need to Know About the Recent DDoS Attacks and Threats that have Surfaced in the U.S

Cybersecurity experts have denied incidents of any DDoS s attacks in recent times. However, the attacks on T-Mobile's services that resulted in an outage seems to tell a different story. In a recent incident, T-Mobile suffered a blackout, and the customers quickly realized it and registered their complaints about the cellular issue. Witnessing the problem, company president Neville Ray on his twitter account said that the employees were working on the problem and would soon resolve the issue. He further noted that the data and messaging service would be in work early and apologized for the inconvenience.

Similar incidents came from different cyber agencies, but the most surprising was an image shared by an account, which, according to officials, can be linked to activists "Anonymous." Anonymous published a Digital Attack Map, which showed various attacks on the U.S postal services. We don't have much information regarding the issue at hand, but the cybersecurity experts claim that no such incidents happened. The intriguing thing is the fact that T-Mobile had faced a similar problem. As of now, it seems that the U.S may be a potential target for a large scale DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack.

The DDoS attack might be capable of stuffing online services with traffic from various sources, making it useless. Media outlets from across the world have reported similar attacks in recent times. Netscout, a global cybersecurity organization, said 200 cyberattacks targeted towards the U.S. In another incident, an unknown online activist group named Anonymous shared a digital attack map that showed various attacks in the U.S and Brazil. It claimed on Twitter that the U.S was under a massive DDoS attack, and the tweet went viral.

"In light of this DDoS attack, your reminder that @realDonaldTrump eliminated the cybersecurity coordinator position at the NSC in 2018. And in 2019, at least a dozen high-level officials resigned from the cybersecurity mission established under Obama," tweeted Representative Ted Lieu. We haven't the official names, but a handful of anonymous politicians have also complained about the possibility of DDoS attacks. It should be noted that these DDoS attacks have surfaced when the U.S is battling the global pandemic, and the entire country is protesting for civil rights. All these things just do not seem ordinary, and one should give some thought about it.