The Kremlin commented on the publication of Mueller's report

The report of the US Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller does not contain any evidence of Russian interference in the American elections, said Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary of the Russian President. He expressed regret that documents of such poor quality influence Russian-American relations.

The American authorities on the eve, April 19, published an edited version of the report of Mueller. The preparation of the report took about two years. The US Special Prosecutor investigated the possible interference of Russia in the US elections in 2016, the Trump team’s conspiracy with the Russian authorities, as well as whether the US President obstructed justice.

Mueller concluded that there was no collusion between the headquarters of American President Donald Trump and Russia. At the same time, according to the Special Prosecutor, Russia tried to influence the elections in the United States, acting in social networks and by hacking the mail servers of the Democratic Party.

"So, where did the American taxpayer’s money go? But let the American taxpayers themselves ask these questions," Peskov concluded.

According to him, the published report does not contain any new information. "All the information was in different media earlier. The report does not have reasoned evidence that the Russian Federation intervened in the electoral process in America. We still do not accept such accusations," Peskov added.

It should be noted that in December it became known that the US Department of Justice spent about $30 million for carrying out investigation about Russian intervention.

The Russian Foreign Ministry is also convinced that the report of the Muller does not contain a single piece of evidence. This was stated by Georgiy Borisenko, Director of the North America Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry.