Facebook Messenger activates dark mode for Android and iOS users

Facebook has finally launched dark mode for its messenger app on Android as well as iOS. Last year, during F8 developer conference, the company had announced a dark theme.

The feature is now available to all users. Users can activate Facebook Messenger’s secret dark-mode theme that changes the colored background of the app to white-text-on-black-background look, which makes it more easier to read messages from the app in the evening.

To activate Facebook Messenger Dark Mode, the user has to send the crescent moon emoji (🌙) to one of your Facebook friends in a Messenger chat.

Here are the steps to follow:

1)  Open the Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone and select any of your friend with whom you want to talk.

2) After opening the chat window, go to the Emoji tab and click on the  Crescent moon emoji and send it over.

3) Once you are done, you will see an animation of the Crescent moon emoji dropping like rain over your chat. When the animation is over, a message pops up notifying that “You found dark mode” at the top.

4) You will be redirected to the Settings page where it will ask you to turn off or on the dark mode. If you didn't see the animation, then try to resend the Crescent moon emoji, even though you didn't able to activate your dark mode, just update your messenger.