Campaign Manager (CM) - Intelligent IT based Approach a must for all Political Parties

In 2016 assembly elections we were working for the IT wing of a leading political party.

Even though the party had money, since most of the senior politicians, who were holding the purse strings, did not comprehend technology money was not forthcoming. They were sitting on the budget demands and the IT wing was getting desperate with hardly a month to go into polling.

After a small trickle of funds was released a team was formed within a few days and we got cracking. What we realized was there were so many tasks to be managed on many fronts.

Apart from managing posts on social media, and analyzing the engagement there were demands cropping up in a dynamic manner – from all over the state. The demand could be from a district secretary of the party, a senior functionary going for a TV debate, a party speaker who was to address a public meeting in a sensitive constituency, damage control of fake news from opposition, managing the logistics of flow of promotional material, providing key speech points for the party leader on whirlwind tour in the final run-up.

The party heads need a reliable and trackable way of allocating and monitoring the work. They also need a way to get on ground data from party cadres and supporters, press, private sources.

This is where the Campaign Manager comes in. It allows communication both way.

     Key Benefits for political party leadership –
  • Delegates different tasks to party hierarchy with delivery deadlines
  • Tracks progress and provides auto alerts to leader on tasks’ status
  • Prioritizes Constituency Tasks in a criticality matrix, for better focus
  • Provides Simple Dashboard to manage election campaign, by any parameter – Issue/Delegate/Constituency/Criticality
  • Media Monitor - Monitor all news media for specific constituencies(identify issues for political party).
 Key Benefits for political workers –
  • Provide easy and achievable tasks and objectives.
  • The party workers who work hard automatically get the visibility of the top leadership. Which in turn will increase their future prospects within the party.  
  • Report ward level/constituency level and district level issues and allow direct access to party leaders. 
  • What does the party leadership want political workers to speak at Ward level/Constituency Level on daily basis(SPIN Module).
Managing ad campaigns on social media should also be done intelligently. It is important the Ad campaigns are run in coordination with information available from campaign manager.

That was the time AVS Labs visualized a campaign management tool which can enable the party leadership to manage the various activities of the campaign chaos.

S Sreeram
AVS Labs Pte Ltd