The Cyber Police of Ukraine exposed hackers who stole more than 177 thousand Dollars

The Cyber Police of Ukraine exposed a hacker group who stole more than 5 million Ukrainian Hryvnia from Ukrainians.

It is reported that the attackers created a botnet that scanned and found computer passwords to gain full control. After gaining access to Online Banking, criminals sent money to personal accounts and then converted them into a Crypto Currency. Usually, such actions were carried out at night.

Employees of the Bank could not notice anything as the operation was carried out on behalf of the legal owner and was looked completely legitimate.

Moreover, the group sent spam e-mails with viruses to gain access to computers, usually to addresses of legal entities.

According to Police, the hacker group consisted of four young men aged 26-30. The Police searched and seized computer equipment, additional media and draft records at their place of residence.

The hacker group is charged under two articles: theft and unauthorized interference in the work of computers.