Hackers Lurk accused the FSB in the theft of billions

January 22 in Yekaterinburg started hearings in the case of hacker group Lurk. There are 22 people in the dock, however, another accused hackers are in Moscow, including the alleged leader of the group - Konstantin Kozlovsky.

For the first time in Russia copies of the case materials were handed in electronic form! The volume of materials of criminal case unprecedented and to amounts 2 539 volumes.

Before the hearings, when journalists appeared in the hall, the defendants held album sheets in their hands, on which it was written "Give the jury!", "We didn't steal money!”. In addition, they shouted to journalists that they do not agree with the charges against them and that the FSB officers are involved in large financial frauds.

Recall that Lurk is a virus that was developed by members of the group. With the help of malware, hackers gained remote access to Bank systems and transferred money without being noticed by anyone. As a result, cybercriminals stole 3 billion rubles (45 million USD) from the accounts of banks and large companies.

Programmers were detained in the Summer of 2016. The special operation took place simultaneously in 15 regions of Russia so that criminals didn't have time to warn each other and to clean computers from proofs.  The trial is going to be long.