Hackers attacked the election website of the Ukrainian showman

The famous Ukrainian showman, popular comedian and leader of one of the largest entertainment content production companies in Europe, Vladimir Zelensky, on New Year's Eve announced his wish to be new President of Ukraine and also invited active Ukrainians in his political team.

On his page in the social network, Zelensky posted a link to a resource where everyone can register and join the team of the presidential candidate.

"These people should be completely uninvolved in politics in the past," said the showman.

However, a minute after the launch of website, hackers attacked the election website of Vladimir Zelensky.

According to the representative of the team of Zelensky, a large-scale DDoS-attack was happened - about 5 000 000 requests came to fill in the electronic registration form in the first minute of the new Internet resource.

According to IT experts, the attack was well-planned, because a lot of effort was made to protect the site.

“We carefully concealed the creation of this site. But, apparently, someone did find out" - said the Head of the Digital Direction of the Candidate’s team, Mikhail Fedorov.

At the moment it is unknown where the attack was carried out. Experts were able to restore the site.

An interesting fact is that Zelensky reported that he is going to be the President of Ukraine on the Channel "1+1" a few minutes before the New Year. In this regard, the New Year congratulation of the current president was moved.