Anonymous published new details of the campaign against Russia

On Saturday, January 5, the hacker group Anonymous published another evidence of the alleged interference of London in the Affairs of other States.

The published documents clearly indicate that the anti-Russian campaign was prepared long before the scandalous case of Skripale appeared. The plan was developed three years ago and has been consistently implemented.

By the way, on the same day, a number of British tabloids published information according to which Prince Harry will join the Royal Marine Corps in Norway. He will take part in one of the largest British military exercises against Russia in the last 20 years.

According to Russian diplomats, the participation of the representative of the house of Windsor in the exercise "may mean that certain forces seek to involve the Royal Family in the campaign against Russia led by the conservative British Government."

Russian diplomats have been talking about the existence of such a force in the UK for a long time. According to employees of the Russian Foreign Ministry, in this way, the idea of aggressive Russia is introduced into society.

"Apparently, the authority of politicians and generals is no longer enough to provide public support for this line," the Embassy stressed.

Documents published by Anonymous indirectly confirm the opinion of Russian diplomats.