Cyber Police of Ukraine destroyed one of the sites in DarkNet for the sale of personal data

Within the framework of International Cooperation, the Cyber Police of Ukraine detained a group of hackers who stole and sold personal information of Users of social networks on one of the most famous in DarkNet online platform.

According to published data, hackers for the last five years without problems gained access to accounts of PayPal, Amazon, eBay, WellsFargo, Suntrust, Bank of America, using specially created malicious software.

Hackers sold such information as logins, passwords, personal data of Users, phone numbers, Bankcard details and other information necessary for authorization.

The cost of one account averaged $ 2.5. Accounts containing the password to the victim's mailbox cost twice as much.

During the year of such activity, hackers made a profit of more than $ 22 million. The victims of hackers were citizens of Ukraine, Canada, Great Britain, Spain, and France.

Cyber Police officers conducted authorized searches on the territory of three regions of Ukraine. According to their results, computer equipment, mobile phones and draft records were seized.

At the moment, 4 Ukrainians involved in the creation, organization and administration of DarkNet online platform have been detained. As a result, one of the sites in DarkNet for the sale of personal data was deleted.